Greetings, and thanks for joining me for another week. Exasperated, Columbia County (Pennsylvania) District Judge Craig Long felt the need to post a sign outside his courtroom earlier this year informing visitors that they should not wear pajamas to court. However, even Judge Long acknowledged that his admonition was not enforceable and that he was merely trying to encourage minimal standards. [WNEP-TV] Why is this even an issue? Have people’s standards really fallen that far (or were they never taught better)?

Too much bureaucracy? The Federal Aviation Administration recently granted (likely for the first time ever) an application to fly a paper airplane. Prominent drone advocate Peter Sachs had applied to conduct commercial aerial photography with his “aircraft” (a Tailor Toys model with a tiny propeller and maximum range of 180 feet), and the agency, concerned with air traffic safety, accommodated by treating the request (unironically?) under the rules for manned flights (that, among other restrictions, Sachs must not exceed 100 mph and must engage a licensed airplane pilot to fly it). “With this grant,” said the “victorious” Sachs, “the FAA has abandoned all logic and sensibility.” []

I will accept these following Bits as true as my research staff is on vacation: (1) In Germany a person’s first name must clearly indicate their gender. This means that babies cannot be named unisex names (i.e. Sam, Alex), names for the opposite gender (i.e. naming a girl Robert), or last names (i.e. Anderson, Emerson). If you want to challenge one of these rules you must go through a lengthy and expensive appeals process wherein a government office will evaluate your chosen name and its suitability. (Huffington Post] (2) In 2004 Bhutan became the only country in the world to completely ban the production and sale of tobacco products. The government takes the ban seriously – selling tobacco comes with a sentence of three-to-five years in prison. [AlJazeera] (3) The Islamic Public of Iran revealed a list of “appropriate hairstyles” for its citizens in 2010. These approved styles are inspired by Iranian culture and religion, specifically Islamic law, and reject Western hairdos like mullets, gelled spiky hair, and male ponytails. If you’re caught with one of these banned styles it can be removed by the police, or you could be forced to pay a fine. [The Guardian]

This Bit is local and personal,but there is a TV show called Bunk’d. Based on my life experiences, I can only imagine what it’s about.

Well, the US primary elections are getting more and more interesting (an understatement). As I have said, I cannot vote for Hillary or Trump (for some reason, the Democrats go by first names, the Republicans by last). They are making the other candidates look better and better. By the way, if you can’t see the problem, you are the problem

From Newser: A 61-year-old man near Philly found $15,000 in a leather pouch with no ID—and turned it over to cops. That made the news, and I know why, but I don’t know why. I would turn it in without hesitation – wouldn’t you?

Finally, a question. Are there any regular readers out there who like things they way they are? I am thinking about changing to a column every two weeks ur more of a blog each week. Thoughts? There is an email link on the site, so please let me know. Thank you. (p.s. Not to decide is to decide.)